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Things to Do While You’re in Tuscany

by Tours of Tuscany
Things to Do While You’re in Tuscany

Things to Do While You’re in Tuscany

With so much to see and do in Tuscany, it’s no wonder that countless people come to visit this breathtaking region every year. From the many stunning works of art from minds like Leonardo da Vinci, to the stunning landmarks (such as Michelangelo’s David and the Leaning Tower of Pisa); there are countless things for you to enjoy during your vacation here.

Take a trip to San Gimignano

With the iconic skyline of 15 impressive medieval towers, not to mention the stunning beauty of the ancient streets, those who visit the town of San Gimignano are sure to feel like they’ve taken a step back in time. To truly experience the beauty of this location, it may be a wise idea to visit out of season; especially if you want to take your time, relax, and soak up the atmosphere.

Try some of Chianti’s wine

Many come to Chianti for the views that it offers, but this town is easily most famous for its incredible variety of traditional Tuscan wines. If you didn’t know, this location is not only home to some of the greatest wines that Tuscany has to offer, but also some of the best in the world – so you may want to come and do a little wine tasting at one of the many amazing wineries and vineyards before you head back home.

Spend a day at the Uffizi Gallery

Whether you’re a lover of art or not, visiting the Uffizi Gallery in Florence is a must for anyone staying in Tuscany. Here, you’ll see some of the finest pieces of art in Italy, as well as many amazing Italian Renaissance paintings. In most cases, it’s a wise idea to spend at least half a day if you want a chance to truly take in the beauty of the many masterpieces to be found here.

Visit the town of Cortona

If you’re planning to visit Tuscany, you’ll want to set aside a day to explore the beautiful hill-town of Cortona. While you’re likely to be in awe of the stunning views that this location has to offer, there’s plenty more to enjoy. In general, anyone who wants to truly immerse themselves in the culture and charm of Tuscany will want to spend a little time seeing the wonders of Cortona.

Go for a hike in the Apli Apuane

Going on a nature walk may not be one of the first activities that comes to mind when thinking of what to do during a vacation to Tuscany – but you’re certainly not going to regret a trip to Alpi Apuane. There’s no need to worry about losing yourself while here, as there’s a clear network of paths for you to follow.

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