Must-Visit Cities in Tuscany for Any Art Fans

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Must-Visit Cities in Tuscany for Any Art Fans

Must-Visit Cities in Tuscany for Any Art Fans

You surely know that Tuscany is an Italian region with so much to offer; from the friendly locals, to the absolutely breathtaking scenery. If you already know a few of the reasons why Tuscany is such an incredible location, there’s a good chance that you’ll be considering paying this part of Italy a visit sometime in the future.

Anyone will find that a trip to Tuscany is just incredible, particularly art lovers. Sculptures, frescoes, paintings, and so much more are located here, which is why it can be the ideal vacation destination for these types of individuals.

If you take a closer look at some of the region’s cities, you’re sure to find that most of them have a rich history in art, and most will agree that this is plain to see. These are just 4 that could make worthwhile destinations during your vacation here in Tuscany:


Often known as the birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence is a location that art fans simply can’t miss. The artistic and architectural heritage play a crucial role in the city’s overall beauty, and with so much of it, it’s not hard to see why many consider Florence to be one of the most iconic destinations in the world. From the fantastic architecture, to the many amazing pieces of Renaissance art; there’s just so much to love.

There are many places in Florence that you’ll want to see – but if you find yourself short on time, a trip to the Uffizi Gallery (one of the world’s greatest art museums), or Palazzo Pitti (a stunning palace from the Renaissance era) is a must. There are many more historic sites and art museums for you to peruse as well, so be sure to explore and take a look around if you can. A few of the many hotspots you may want to visit include:

  • Bargello
  • Florence Cathedral
  • Palazzo Vecchio
  • Ponte Vecchio
  • San Giovanni Baptistery
  • Vasari Corridor

This is just a small number of the many locations you can’t miss out on seeing for yourself in Florence; so why not pay the city a visit during your vacation in Tuscany?


Lucca is famous for its incredible Renaissance era walls, which are still intact to this day. However, you’re sure to find that this location has so much more to offer. A good example is the landmarks here, with sites like:

  • The Cathedral of San Martino – The stunning Roman Catholic cathedral, which is also the seat of the archbishop of Lucca, is an absolutely magnificent structure that shouldn’t be overlooked
  • The National Museum of Palazzo Mansi – Lucca is home to two main art museums, one of which is this. Here, you’ll find a variety of post 19th century tapestries and art collections
  • The Lucca Centre of Contemporary Art – More commonly known as Lu.C.C.A, this large, 5 floor gallery is home to some spectacular modern and contemporary works of art
  • The Clock Tower – The Torre delle Ore is just incredible, and most will find that it’s not hard at all to spot it, no matter where in Via Fillungo (central Lucca) you are

If you’re planning on perusing this locale, why not take the time to at least check out a few of these great landmarks? It’s also important to note that there are many, many more; from sites like the Basilica of San Ferdinao, to the stunning Ducal Palace. All of these are simply awesome to look at thanks to the breathtaking architecture, which any art fan is sure to acknowledge.


When you hear Pisa, you probably think of the Leaning Tower. While this landmark is truly impressive and well worth a visit, you’re certain to find that this city has far more to offer; especially to art lovers.

The National Museum of San Matteo is an excellent example of this. This site hosts an array of paintings and sculptures from the 12th to 15th century. You’ll see masterpieces from some of Tuscany’s greatest artists of the time, including Giovanni, Nino Pisano, and Masaccio to name a few.

This is far from the only incredible hotspot that you could enjoy. In fact, it’s just one of many great museums that Pisa has to offer. Two great ones that you’re likely to find interesting are the   National Museum of the Royal Palace and the Sinopie Museum – but there are several others for you to take a look at, too.

The architecture in Pisa is also fantastic, as you may be able to tell from gazing at the famous leaning tower. A few landmarks that are considered to be absolutely stunning include St. Sixtus, Palazzo della Carovana, and Campo Santo.


Siena is undeniably beautiful, thanks to the amazing historic architecture here – and this, alongside the fact that UNESCO declared the city’s historic centre a World Heritage Site, draws the attention of millions of visitors annually. Most famous for its art, museums, and delicious foods, you’ll find that there’s plenty to enjoy.

You won’t want to pass up the chance to check out the fantastic Pinacoteca Nazionale di Siena during your stay, as this art gallery is home to a variety of excellent pieces; with works from Domenico Beccafumi and many more.

The Siena Cathedral is another must-see site. Not only for the awesome exterior and inspiring architecture, but also for the fantastic frescoes located within (painted by the masters of their time, Ghirlandaio and Pinturicchio). Better yet, you could visit some of the many amazing cathedrals here, but none are quite as breathtaking as this one.

Just a visit to any of these cities is sure to prove to you that Tuscany has plenty of historic beauty to offer, and with so much art and architecture to explore, you really won’t want to ignore the opportunity to take a closer look at this part of Italy.

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