For years, the picturesque landscape of Italy has been a destination for Americans – and for good reason. It’s unique, traditional, and a world-apart from any of the States.

Puglia in particular has seen a rapid increase in tourism over the past couple of decades, and whether you’re keen to get to grips with the authentic Puglian lifestyle, view the beautiful scenery, or see how tranquil things really are in the Mediterranean; you’re in the right place.

Southern Italy is well known for its unique way of life, with many of the locals still using the centuries’ old techniques that their ancestors first developed to produce the area’s namesake wines, olive oil, and more.


We’re offering an incredibly luxurious way to immerse yourself in this lifestyle, as if you were one of the locals. Whether you love the idea of traversing the streets to enjoy the number of boutique outlets, or if a trip across the terrain is more to your liking – we’re sure that your visit to Puglia will be as memorable as it is exhilarating.


A Tour Designed with You in Mind

From getting to dine in some of the finest Puglian trattorias in the area, right through to olive oil tasting, shopping, sightseeing, and walking tours; you’ll be feeling like a local in next to no time.


You’ll get to stay in a dedicated accommodation complete with a swimming pool for your down-time, and with options to travel into the main hot spots – you could get to know the locals, pick up a selection of gifts for your loved ones, or really get to grips with the culture in a way that suits you.


Your tour will take you on guided adventures, explorations of the Itria and Alberobello Valleys, through Lecce with its astoundingly baroque architecture, and a multitude of other exciting landmarks that you’ll to enjoy first-hand.
Other Things to Look Forward To

We couldn’t possibly hope to list every aspect of your trip here on this page, but we do offer a free to download itinerary that you can use to see exactly what you’ll be getting up to during your stay with us.


You’ll be given options for a cycling tour, taste-testing of locally produced olive oil, an adventure of the Trulli, and a tantalizing dinner at Masseria.


There really is nothing in the world like the opportunity to explore Puglia up close and personally, and we’d enjoy nothing more than to help you to achieve exactly that. We’ve only covered a selection of what you’ll get to do during your visit and if you’re keen to learn more, or to book your trip, simply get in touch with our friendly team today.


They say that Puglia is one of the last Mediterranean bastions of tradition, so why not come and learn for yourself just how authentic this fabled region truly is?


  • Arrival into Bari
  • Ostuni & Olive Oil Tasting
  • Matera
  • Cheese Tasting & Polignano a Mare
  • Lecce & Otranto
  • Locorotondo & Alberobello
  • Free Day
  • Departure

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