Should You Spend Your Vacation in Tuscany During Fall?

by Tours of Tuscany
Should You Spend Your Vacation in Tuscany During Fall?

Should You Spend Your Vacation in Tuscany During Fall?

No matter where you are, you’re likely to agree that fall is a wonderful time of year, whether it’s for the cooler weather after the summer heat or for the stunning colors and scenery that it creates. Despite the beauty, many people overlook the opportunity to see all this while on vacation, mostly due to the fact that after summer, everyone has already had their break and are ready to get back to their ordinary lives.

Not many people realize just how fantastic it can be to plan a getaway at this time of year – and this is especially true in terms of vacations in Tuscany. There are a number of reasons why it can be an excellent idea to come during fall; from saving money, to enjoying events that are exclusive to this time of year.

Tours around Tuscany are perfect in fall

For any Italian getaway, you’re likely to want to enjoy the many things that make this country so special – like the culture and history, delicious foods, and amazing sights. If this sounds like you, you may want to take into consideration the fact that summers in Italy may be a bit warmer than what you’re used to, and that the heat may not be ideal for those who plan on exploring the wonders that Tuscany has to offer.

If you’re interested in taking a tour of the region, you might want to take a look at some of the trips that our team at Tours of Tuscany have prepared. We strive to create the very best Italian getaways – and so many of our guests would agree that we do just that.

Whatever your plans are, we want to help you to have the perfect stay in this stunning location, so read on to see why your vacation could be even better if you decide on booking a vacation to Tuscany in 2021 during fall.

The perfect temperature for exploration

Just one of the benefits of visiting at this time of year is that the weather and climate tend to be warm and comfortable rather than too hot. This can be perfect for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the beauty of the region. Those planning to travel and explore may find that the heat during summer won’t be as pleasant as it would if you were planning a vacation by the beach. To get truly stuck in with the heart of Tuscany and enjoy the many different things to see and do here, picking a time where the weather is milder can be a great idea.

You’ll find that it often ranges between 15°C and 24°C in fall, while the hotter months can often be around 30°C (and sometimes even hotter). Now, this doesn’t mean that summer is a bad time of year to visit; in fact, if you’re looking to enjoy higher temperatures it could be perfect for you. If you’re planning your trip more so around the culture and attractions across the region however, it might be worthwhile to wait until the worst of the heat has passed.

Tuscany doesn’t see as many tourists in fall

Regardless of the location, the majority of individuals take their vacations during summer – which often leaves few people willing to travel just a few months later. Most of the time, this means that Tuscany is quieter for visitors, which is something that you may be interested in experiencing if you want the very best vacation possible. This is perfect for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of tourists and enjoy a more peaceful and relaxed trip.

The effects of fall on the natural beauty of the region

For most people, the iconic fields, hills, and cypress trees are some of the first things that come to mind when picturing Tuscany – and while beautiful all year round, it’s often worth visiting between September and November to see how fall changes the region. Of course, spring is absolutely magnificent when it comes to the stunning Tuscan scenery, but fall offers something unique that you simply won’t see any other time of year. The different colors as the leaves change for example are incredible, and something that you just can’t miss.

There are often sunny skies at this time of year too, which really gives you a great chance to see all of the region’s beauty (and snap some amazing looking pictures to help you remember it). Another great benefit of the changing scenery is that it can add something unique to your trip whatever you do while visiting. Want to peruse some regional landmarks like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, or the Uffizi Gallery? Enjoy some traditional foods and drinks? Go for a hike? Regardless of what you choose, the traditional atmosphere of Tuscany will still be there for you to enjoy in the fall.

A number of incredible art exhibits

The art and history of the region is something that draws the attention of people around the globe, and while you could certainly enjoy it at any time of the year, you may want to consider coming during the later months if this is what you plan to do during your vacation. One of the main reasons is that you’ll find that fall has a number of great exhibits and events for you to check out, with Florence being a great example with its range of options. Take a look online and you’ll see that there’s so much in store for you.

Like truffles and mushrooms? This is the perfect time to visit

Everybody knows that Tuscany has excellent wines and olives, but the fantastic mushrooms and truffles grown here are often overlooked. If these are foods that you enjoy, you’ll definitely want to come to the region in fall, since this is when they’re picked. A number of meals that have these ingredients will be far tastier too, since the mushrooms and truffles will be fresh and in season. You won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to try out a risotto ai porcini at this time of year!

Even better, those who visit San Miniato during November can enjoy the Festival of Truffles, which is a famous event that many tourists overlook, despite the fact that locals and residents tend to be very passionate about it.

Fall is harvest season in Tuscany

Just as the mushrooms and truffles are harvested at this time of year, plenty of regional favorites are too – and this alone makes it an excellent time of year to visit. September could be ideal for you if you’re interested in Tuscan wine tours, since this month in particular is often known as the wine month. If you’d be more interested in truffle hunting and olive harvesting (and more), you might want to instead consider coming in October or November, as these months have so much to offer (alongside all the wonders of Tuscany that can be experienced at any time of year).

You may also want to stop by some of the different wineries here. If this is the case, choosing one of our dedicated wine tours could be worthwhile indeed. Whether you want to visit Chianti vineyards and explore a town that’s famous for its wines or try some classics, we’re certain that any of our wine-based itineraries will be a great choice for you.

Food festivals for you to enjoy

The locals often celebrate the harvest with several different events and festivals – as well as other occasions that just so happen to involve plenty of tasty, traditional Tuscan foods. While visiting, make sure to check out:

  • Boccaccesca in Certaldo, Florence
  • Crastatone Festival in Piancastagnaio, Siena
  • Chianti Classico Expo (in Chianti, which is located in the provinces of Florence, Siena, and Arezzo)
  • Festa delle Cantine in Pitigliano, Grosseto

Prices tend to be lower seasonally

Above all else, this is one of the factors that attracts most people; travelling to Tuscany in September, October, or November is likely to be less expensive than the months before. From hotels to flights, most things drop in price once summer ends, and you could take advantage of this when visiting Tuscany in 2021.

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