The Most Breathtaking Places in Tuscany

by Tours of Tuscany
The Most Breathtaking Places in Tuscany

The Most Breathtaking Places in Tuscany

Many people decide to spend a vacation in Tuscany just for its beauty. This Italian region is most famous for its iconic countryside, and there are many amazing valleys and hills that represent this beauty – as well as other stunning landscapes for you to enjoy.

Regardless of why you’re planning to visit Tuscany, you’re going to want to make sure that you see at least some of the many spectacular sights here.

The iconic Val d’Orcia valley

There may be many amazing countryside vistas in Tuscany, but none can deny that one of the most beautiful in the region is Val d’Orcia. This valley has everything you would expect from the most picturesque in the whole of Tuscany – cypress trees, plenty of hills, and stunning colors.

Visitors would agree that Val d’Orcia is best seen in the spring, since everything is colored a bright green at this time of year. You’re likely to find that the valley is still beautiful in summer and autumn however – but instead of being green, everything is likely to be a burnt yellow color, reflecting the nature of the season’s weather.

The glittering Apuan Alps

When most people think of the natural beauty of Tuscany, they’ll picture a countryside like Val d’Orcia – but there are many other amazing sights too, such as the Apuan Alps mountain range.

Some would say that this vista doesn’t quite fit the traditional Tuscan vibe due to the fact that the mountains have white tips, but the reality is that they are not covered in snow. In actuality, white dust settles on the top of the mountains from the marble caves which are located within the area. The quarries on the top are also considered to be unique; you may be interested to hear that this is where Michelangelo used to source the marble for his creations.

The vineyards of Chianti

Chianti may not be the most well known part of Tuscany, but it’s certainly worth a visit thanks to its many vineyards and olive groves. The valleys in this region are truly spectacular – so if you plan to come here for some wine tasting, make sure you explore the wider area, too.

With the beauty of this location and the delicious wines produced here, you’re sure to find that visiting Chianti will be the highlight of your trip.

The beauty of Elba Island

There are a number of amazing islands that make up the Maritime National Park in the Tuscan Archipelago. They might not all be open to visitors, but one that you should definitely consider checking out if you’re in the area is Elba Island.

The breathtaking views of the sea are what make this site so wonderful, although the variety of Mediterranean flora and vineyards will certainly help. The villages here are also beautiful; making a stop to Elba Island even more worthwhile.

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