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The Origins of Super Tuscan Wine

by Tours of Tuscany
The Origins of Super Tuscan Wine

The Origins of Super Tuscan Wine

Tuscany is famous for many things, but none can deny that the delicious wines that are produced here make it one of Italy’s most popular regions. This is why almost anyone visiting should take the time to try a few of the great varieties that are found here; like Super Tuscan wines.

How do Super Tuscan blends differ?

The term Super Tuscan was coined in the 1980’s. This category of wine earned its name because of its unique red blend, setting it apart from Chianti and other popular types. One of the reasons why these beverages are so distinct is because they’re typically created with grapes that aren’t native to Italy.

Any red wine produced in this region with non-indigenous grapes is considered to be Super Tuscan.

When were these types created?

These blends aren’t particularly old; in fact, the first was made in 1971. Varieties began to be more commonly produced during the time when alcohol laws were under scrutiny, making it hard for vineyard owners and wine makers to move forward with their craft.

It was at this point that several started to use different, unsanctioned types of grapes to produce quality beverages. The laws finally changed in 1992 giving creators more freedom with their produce, but these blends had already taken root in the niche.

The first of many Super Tuscans

Tignanello, created in 1971 by Antinori, is the first blend of Super Tuscan wine – and it’s also one of the most popular in the world, too.

Made with mostly Sangiovese, with a little bit of Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon, this particular offering is world-renowned and generally only costs around $80 a bottle. This makes for an amazing deal for anyone who wants to try a truly delicious Super Tuscan wine without too high a price tag.

This isn’t the only high quality yet affordable blend on the market either, so there’s no reason to not give one a try.

How can you find a Super Tuscan wine?

To see why these kinds of wines are considered so incredible, you’ll have to buy a bottle (or a few) and have a little taste.

Most of them will vary in flavor from one another, thanks to the fact that most will have a different blend of grapes. However, it’s usually simple to differentiate Super Tuscans from other wine varieties.

These beverages usually have the Toscana IGT classification on the label, so be sure to look out for this when buying. Another tip is to look at the label before you buy, as many prefer original names in favor of location-based monikers.

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