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The Unique Beauty of Super Tuscan Wines

by Tours of Tuscany
The Unique Beauty of Super Tuscan Wines

The Unique Beauty of Super Tuscan Wines

Super Tuscan wines are well known for being unique and having interesting flavors – so if you’re looking for something exciting, this is likely to be the perfect kind of beverage for you. As the wine region, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that some of the most innovative wines come from Tuscany. There are a wide variety of beverages to choose from, so be sure to try some for yourself!

What makes Super Tuscan wines unique?

The reason why Super Tuscan wines are so sought-after is because they don’t follow the same classification system as other wines – instead, they tend to use more uncommon ingredients and techniques.

Super Tuscan wines first came about when several winemakers in Chianti were unhappy with the classification system and the laws, as they felt that they not only affected their processes, but also the quality of their beverages. Super Tuscans began with the experimentation of international grapes (most of which were Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc) that weren’t typically used.

Having said that, several varieties were made using only traditional grapes, but these were unique in the way that they were made. Without following the ordinary rules, many winemakers experimented with different aging processes and allowed their wines to age for different amounts of time to see which results were best.

Nowadays, Super Tuscans are easily identifiable thanks to the IGT Toscana label that they have, so you can always tell the difference between ordinary Tuscan wines and their more exclusive counterparts.

Which Super Tuscan wines should you check out?

If you’re visiting Tuscany, you’re sure to want to try some of these unique wines. With many great wineries and vineyards located here, getting your hands on a bottle shouldn’t be too much of a difficult task.


One of the first ever made was Sassicaia – and any wine connoisseur is sure to want to try this beverage. While it was made commercially available in 1968, it was originally made as a private wine in 1940.


This delicious wine is made 100% out of Merlot, and it’s produced in the Chianti Classico hills by Castello di Ama. This is the first pure Merlot wine and because of this, it has set the standard for other Merlot-based beverages that have come since.

Guado al Tasso

Famous for its elegant taste, Guado al Tasso is a Super Tuscan wine you won’t want to miss out on trying. The flavor is incredibly unique, offering hints of different spices, fruits, licorice, and tobacco – although the main beauty of the taste comes from the Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc grapes.


Masseto was once called Merlot, although its name was changed in 1987 and has stayed as such ever since. It’s produced with Merlot grapes, but also takes flavors from berries, plums, and chocolate to transform it into something more unique.

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