What makes Tuscany so great?

by Tours of Tuscany
What makes Tuscany so great?

What Makes Tuscany So Great?

If you’ve searched for the best tourist destinations at one time or another, you’ve probably heard of Tuscany. But do you know why it’s such a popular place for vacations? From historic cities sure to take you back in time, to the many mouthwatering traditional dishes and wines that can help you to truly immerse yourself in the Tuscan culture. There’s bound to be something here that will make it the ideal spot for your next holiday.

Why is Tuscany so famous?

One of the reasons why so many individuals choose to spend their vacations in this part of Italy is because of everything that the region has to offer; with landscapes, art museums, and much more to enjoy. A few of the things that Tuscany is most known for include:

The breathtaking countryside

One of the many things that is loved about the stunning region are the amazing landscapes here – and while there’s much more to see and do, the rural setting is certainly something that draws the attention of countless tourists.  The landscapes of Val d’Orcia, Maremma, and Chianti are all great spots to visit if you’re hoping to get away from the stress of your everyday life.

Traditional dishes and wines

Undoubtedly, most people come to Tuscany to experience some of the delicious meals and amazing wines that this gorgeous region has to offer.

From Chianti, to the Brunello from Montalcino; some of the country’s most popular wines are produced right here. As if the wine alone isn’t enough, you’re going to be impressed by how well they complement the traditional foods of Tuscany.

Don’t take our word for it though, visit a local trattoria or restaurant and see for yourself!

Several must-visit cities

Surely you know the city of Florence, a location with a number of world-famous landmarks and masterpieces in residence. From the Academia Gallery (home to Michelangelo’s David), to the Uffizi; there are countless great things to see and do in the area. On the other hand, not too far south is the city of Siena, which boasts a range of impressive sites and attractions of its own (like the Palio or the Gothic cathedral).

There are amazing churches located in the town of Lucca, and in Pisa you could see the one of the world’s most famous landmarks; the leaning tower of Pisa.

A variety of reasons to visit Tuscany

With all this and much more, is it any wonder that so many people across the globe choose to visit the wondrous region of Tuscany for the perfect vacation? If you want to get the most out of your next holiday, it may be a wise idea to pay this part of Italy a visit.

From trying traditional meals, to seeing all the stunning sights nestled here; there’s sure to be something for everyone in Tuscany.

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