When Should You Visit Tuscany?

by Tours of Tuscany
When Should You Visit Tuscany?

When Should You Visit Tuscany?

Tuscany is a popular tourist destination for several reasons – any of which could make it the ideal spot for your next vacation. While there is plenty to see and do year-round, it can often be a good idea to find out when’s best to visit to fit your specific needs.

When’s the best time to come to Tuscany?

With so much to offer, it’s not hard to see why so many people from across the world choose to visit this stunning region.

Typically, and as with any popular holiday destination, Tuscany sees the most tourists during the summer, so you may have to deal with excessive crowds if you visit during peak season. While many won’t see this as a drawback, there are plenty of other times to visit that could make your stay worthwhile if this isn’t your thing.

Tuscany throughout the year

While there are plenty of great things about Tuscany that aren’t seasonal, like the art and culture, picking the ideal time of year to stop by can be crucial if you want the very best experience from your trip to this beautiful location.

Late September – October

In most cases, the best time to visit Tuscany is towards the end of September and during October, as there’s likely to be less tourists around and generally comfortable temperatures. Another bonus is that this is the time when most of the vineyards in the region begin harvesting grapes. And if all this wasn’t enough, October tends to see hotels and other lodgings offering more reasonable prices than they do during the hotter months of the year.

November – March

Not only is Christmas in Tuscany truly spectacular, most will also find that there are lower hotel prices during this time, too. The biggest downside to visiting in winter is the cold though – and this may turn some people way. Another problem you may find is that some hotels and restaurants may close, as there are generally far fewer tourists during this time of year.

April – May

April and May are considered to be great times to stay in Tuscany, so if you can’t visit in October time, be sure to book your vacation for one of these months instead. The main advantages of stopping by now is the generally good weather and the fact that this beautiful region will often have less tourists around.

June – early September

While many places are perfect for a holiday during the summertime, you may not feel that way about Tuscany – especially if you’re not too keen to wait in line to see an attraction. Aside from the crowds of tourists and high temperatures, there’s also the fact that some owners of hotels, restaurants, and shops (generally those that are family-run), may go on holiday during the summer, so some things may not be open when you need them.

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