Why Should You Visit Chianti in Tuscany?

by Tours of Tuscany
Why Should You Visit Chianti in Tuscany?

Why Should You Visit Chianti in Tuscany?

While many of those who come to Tuscany choose to explore beautiful locations like Siena and Florence, most fans of the region would agree that one of the most stunning places to go is Chianti.

There are many things that make this area so special; from the quaint towns, to the truly magnificent views of the countryside.

Amazing wines

Most of those who frequent Tuscany visit for a taste of Chianti’s most famous wine; the DOCG Chianti Classico. This beverage is no longer exclusive to Chianti, and there are several wineries in Tuscany that produce it, but this is where the crowds flock for an authentic winery experience at the Black Rooster.

Buying a straw bottle may be tempting, especially if you plan on keeping it as a souvenir, but in most cases it’s best to go for an ordinary bottle for a truly unique piece.

Beautiful small towns

It’s no secret that many of Italy’s tourists come to take a break from living in a city – and the small towns of Chianti are sure to be ideal for those seeking a quieter way of life for a truly special vacation. Greve, Castellina, and Montefioralle are just a few of the spectacular areas to be found in this region, so be sure to do some research before taking your pick.

With the culture, festivals, traditional foods, and more on offer year-round, these towns often have plenty for visitors to enjoy.

Stunning countryside

There’s no doubt that the landscapes of Tuscany are magnificent – and those who want to see some examples of the best in the region will want to take a look at the scenery Chianti has to offer.

September is a great time to visit, since this is the month where most farmers pick their grapes ready for another year of harvesting, but the countryside is beautiful all year. This means that whenever you decide to come for a visit, you’re sure to be impressed by the amazing landscapes.

Seeing all of Chianti

Chianti has a wide range of things to offer those who visit, and one of the best ways to experience everything is to go on a tour. There are quite a few trusted tour companies that can take you on a trip through Chianti, focusing on historical landmarks and points of interest, so you can sit back and relax as you soak up the atmosphere.

On the other hand, there’s always the option to see the sights by yourself – and if you rent out a car, you could travel through the wider area and explore at your own pace. Some tourists opt to rent a bicycle and peruse more localized establishments and hotspots, for a more personal experience.

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