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Why Visit a Traditional Trattoria in Tuscany?

by Tours of Tuscany
Why Visit a Traditional Trattoria in Tuscany?

Why Visit a Traditional Trattoria in Tuscany?

The breathtaking region of Tuscany has plenty to offer its visitors; from the rich history and culture of cities like Florence and Siena, to the beautiful landscapes that can help you to de-stress during your vacation. While this part of Italy has a variety of great qualities, most choose to visit Tuscany for the amazing food and drink that can be found here.

Where to dine in Tuscany

If you want to try some of the many mouthwatering traditional meals that this stunning region has to offer, you may want to head to a local trattoria during your stay. While there are quite a few other kinds of eateries in Italy for you to enjoy, we’re sure that you’ll get the best possible experience and a glimpse of the Tuscan lifestyle when dining at a trattoria.

What are trattorias?

Often, these establishments are family run businesses – and while they’re not often large or too fancy, they tend to offer traditional charm and a variety of great meals on the menu. More often than not, their recipes are passed down from generation to generation, so you can be sure that you’ll get a taste of a delightful, traditional Tuscan meal every time. In most cases, you’ll get to try some of the best local wines with your dish, too.

You’re likely to find that there aren’t usually any rules for décor in trattorias, but no matter the style of the restaurant; you can be sure that you’ll get to enjoy a cultural experience and a traditional meal.

A trattoria can often be perfect for those looking to immerse themselves in the Tuscan way of life, but most will find that they’re romantic – or at the very least, that they offer something different and unique from the dining that visitors are used to at home.

Other kinds of eateries

Having a meal at a local trattoria is often a must for tourists in Tuscany, but you may also want to learn a little bit more about the other types of Italian restaurants that you could visit during your time in this wonderful region.

What is an osteria?

Osterias used to be similar to bars, as there were places where the locals could get together to have a drink and play cards. Nowadays, they tend to offer cooked meals as well, so most aren’t too dissimilar to trattorias.

What is a ristorante?

In most cases, a ristorante is a more formal Italian restaurant. Typically, they’ll offer a range of delicious meals, desserts, and wines for patrons to enjoy.

What is a Mescita?

A mescita is a wine shop, but you can often grab a small bite to eat from these establishments when you visit. From olives and cheeses, to meats and paninis; most will have a few types of Italian foods that will pair beautifully with your drink of choice.

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